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Golf Digest Hot List 2009

October 2009
Excerpt taken from Golf Digest
Article: Hot List (p. 52-53)

Golf Digest Magazine Cover

ON A ROLL - Can a pushcart help you make more birdies? Riding a cart can rob a golfer of the rhythm needed to play great. To experience time and space between shots, to purge stress through the soles of the feet, to let the tempo of a walk bleed into the takeaway: These are all good things for scoring. But without a caddie, the shoulder and neck fatigue of carrying a bag might translate into bad shots. A solution? The modern pushcart, which thanks to smart designers, is leaps better than the rickety rental contraptions you sometimes find at the local muny. In selecting the best eight, our four equipment editors evaluated each model's ergonomic adjustability, the ease and size with which it folds to fit inside a car trunk, the utility of accessories like umbrella and beverage holders and, of course, how smoothly it rolls. The game is meant to be walked, and, ironically, technology is what might restore this tradition.

Bag Boy
Golf Digest Hot List Gold Award $200
WEIGHT 17.5 pounds
FOLDED 16 X 31 X 13 inches
HOT Not only is it easy on your back by folding and unfolding in one motion, it’s also easy on the course. The EVA foam G-Force wheels have a raised center tread to minimize turf damage. Carrying a 20-pound golf bag, each wheel exerts only 1.85 pounds per square inch, or 40 percent less pressure than air-filled wheels. NOT Velcro straps to secure the bag seem outdated by comparison.

Bag Boy
Golf Digest Hot List Silver Award $140
WEIGHT 14 pounds
FOLDED 15 X 37 X 17 inches
HOT Lightweight and facile to fold, this is the best price-conscious option for a golfer not seeking the bells and whistles of a fancier design. The 1.6-inch tires ride smoother than their slimness might suggest. NOT The position of the foot-brake pedal behind the front tire isn’t ideal.