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Equipment Focus on Cars, Carts

July 2009
Excerpt taken from PGA Magazine
Article: Equipment Focus on Cars, Carts (p. 64-65)

As interest in the environment rises even higher – as does a general health push – there seems to be more of an onus on the use of push and pull carts, and walking the course. Bag Boy, the well-known maker of push carts, provided some interesting information and statistics on such products. As you know, walking is not just part of golf’s tradition, but its exercise benefits are immeasurable. Bag Boy cites Golf Fitness Laboratory at Pitt Medical Center’s Center for Sports Medicine in claiming that people who play golf four times a week and walk the course burn nearly 8,000 more calories in that week than cart riders. That translates to an additional loss of nine pounds over three months; Golfers burn 718 calories when they walk and push their clubs, compared to 411 when they ride in a cart (source: Neil Wolkodoff, PhD, Director of Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences).

The company also points out that carrying a bag while walking the course can actually contribute to back injury and fatigue. As a result, the American Junior Golf Association did some studies related to that matter and now allows push carts during all competition.

“This is one of those categories in the past few years that continues to grow,” says Craig Ramsbottom, president and CEO of Bag Boy. “Golfers use them as a way to play golf affordably – they save the electric car rental fee. Prior to the last six month’s economic issues, there’s definitely an interest in health and walking, and people are combining that with golf. Push carts are an easier and better way to walk the course. Prior to stand bags, people were carrying lightweight bags with no stands. Once the legs came out and you were able to access your clubs without having them lay wet on the ground, people thought they were great, and they took over the market.”

Ramsbottom believes push carts are the next revolution. “We think there’s a day coming where you won’t see stand bags, and if you walk a course, you’ll use a push cart,” he explains. “I’m not sure how soon that will happen. Push carts are cool with older guys, but with high schoolers and college-aged guys, they aren’t cool yet. But we hope to make them so in the next couple of golf seasons.”