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Golf Digest Hot List 2009

July 2009
Excerpt taken from Golf Digest
Article: Hot List (p. 76-77)

Golf Digest Magazine Cover

Maybe you want well-designed straps that hug your shoulders, or a top that prevents clubs from clanging as you walk down the fairway. Even if you’re looking for something different, our Hot List judges selected the following 21 bags because they embody excellence that everyone can appreciate. Our standards: lightweight, well-pocketed carry bags and full-featured, club-protecting cart bags. We put the bags through various tests, including making sure a carry bag’s legs won’t whip your legs when the stand retracts, and finding out how well a cart bag minimizes club-jangling over speed bumps. Here are our favorites:

Bag Boy
Revolver Pro
Golf Digest Hot List Gold Award $200
Like last year’s model, this bag has top and center tubes that rotate 360 degrees for easy access to your woods and irons. Club clips integrated into the top mold are designed to lock your sticks in place to prevent twisting and damage. Features for this year include a well for your putter and another for your go-to club and a removable cooler pocket that can be used as a shag bag.